Our quest of life for mental fitness and emotional health

We should never underestimate how important it is to stay mentally fit and emotionally healthy. Nourishing these breeding grounds enables us to attain good results, to reach our goals sooner and more precisely and to experience true joy of life. Should you ever be in dire straits or in times of looming crisis, coaching provides a pit stop for a general check-up, for a tyre change or for refuelling.

Coaching – an action plan for a delightful and fulfilling life

Have you ever thought about engaging a coach before becoming seriously ill? We could stop the strain and the paralyzing load of the vicious circle and together set the course for a continuously positive trend.

My long-time experience in life and health coaching is especially effective for the following issues:

  • fears / phobias
  • depression
  • burnout symptoms / post burnout period
  • lack of self-worth
  • problems with deciding and solving conflicts
  • eating disorders / bulimia / anorexia
  • suicidal phantasies
  • issues in relationships, with partners, in your family

The intelligent methods and smart processes I use are participative, empirical and life nourishing. You are warmly invited to re-discover and deepen your purpose of life and to develop an action plan, which will allow you to experience a happy and fulfilling life.

A successful dream team – consider me as your co-pilot

Coaching is a process, a facilitated sequence of work steps – there is a beginning and a clearly defined end. Qualified trainings, my long-time experience, smart, innovative, scientifically proven and tested methods and processes assist you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. We create a meaningful and sustainable present and an equivalent future.

As your co-pilot we work and create side by side. We generate space for reflection. On your personal path and at your custom-tailored pace you refuel your source of performance and realize your full potential. We find sustainable solutions for stressful issues and pro-actively create a future in which you are happy, healthy and successful.

A first impression of my coaching

After contacting me you will receive five questions for you to answer and reflect upon as a preparation for our first meeting. This includes a voucher for a non-binding free meeting. During this initial meeting we will clearly define the goals you want to achieve, we will evaluate your situation more clearly and you will already begin to understand, which concerted steps could be supportive for you.