eCoaching at any time and from everywhere

If it seems hard to find time for a coaching appointment – Tele Coaching is a most appreciated timesaving alternative.

ix your appointment quickly, at any time and from everywhere. Between schedules, being away on business or on the spur of the moment. You save travel time and stay timewise and geographically flexible. If your work demands irregular schedules or if you work over great distances for international projects tele coaching is the key advantage to ensure regular and ongoing steps in your process and the resulting payoff.

Telephone, Skype or Lync

You might like speaking to me via Skype or Lync with or without the visual aspect of the webcam or you might prefer the telephone – it is your choice. Maybe you appreciate the certain amount of anonymity to be able to feel relaxed and concentrated to speak out on your issues in quiet.

The first contact is free of charge. It is meant to develop a mutual overview over the situation, to clarify expectations and goals, to discuss the possible steps of action and general conditions and to decide which coaching package is the most beneficial one for you.

eCoaching – new space for thinking and acting

eCoaching, Skype or Lync is a totally location-independent support and enables new room for thinking and acting. Coaching can be compared to a catalytic converter that enables a learning process, provides orientation and opens up choice for action.

I also provide for blended coaching which is a perfectly custom-tailored mix of F2F and eCoaching.

If this sounds interesting to you, just dial me up - I look forward to talking to you.