Effective Health and Project Management

We pool our actions to generate favourable conditions for the dynamics of your team to move into the desired direction. This yields mental fitness and emotional health for the members of your team as well as real and continuous success for your projects and your company.

Coaching Executives, Staff and Entire Teams

In coaching executives and their teams my long-time experience and strengths are focussed on the following subject areas:

  • Innovative team events at special locations – e.g. the art museum
  • Stressful situations such as decreasing sales figures
  • High drop-out rate caused by illness, depression, burnout symptoms, mobbing
  • Resistance from staff during any stages of change processes
  • Succession plan
  • Quality control of leadership structures and team structures
  • Quality control of customer orientation, customer support and service

Maya Burkhard Coaching assists you in improving project management through all the phases. Your immediate benefit is a better product, a shorter ‘time to market’, keeping to ‘target costing’ and boosting genuinely cross-linked design and development.