Realizing and Experiencing Remarkable Meetings

How can an event be a guaranteed success? How do you involve the most diverse people into a creative dialogue? How can you incorporate the whole range of interests? How can you find effective solutions to seemingly unbridgeable positions?

WWe organize and host memorable meetings! We create a working platform that unleashes the full potential, the entire knowledge and the sum total of the participants’ experience. The appropriate framework for exchange among professionals. To the point. Systemic and systematic. Applicable.

For Meetings with a Distinct Claim for Communication

New projects, kick-offs, participative planning, participatory processes, team conflicts or teams getting back on track. Over and over again there will be meetings that require a heightened standard of care. Meetings in which we are highly dependent on the experience of each and every participant. Only a carefully facilitated communication process will allow you to benefit from the concerted potential. My effective and goal-orientated way of facilitating generates the suitable framework for a benevolent attitude and committed participants. This is the way for finding applicable solutions.

Coaching – Effective Well Beyond That Very Day

Professional facilitation is effective well beyond the particular event. Sustainable yield is achieved if the event is followed-up by tangible steps, if employees are supported or if a new meeting culture is developed. As a professional I administrate multifaceted forms of supervision. My way of facilitating is already a beginning of goal-orientated coaching: identifying problems, disclosing potential, generating solutions, approaching change, empowering people, supporting teams, designing new realities.

Team Development with Custom-Tailored Methods

In our preparatory meeting we define your concerns and your goals. Based on your needs I will design an appropriate procedure and framework. Special attention is given to efficient use of time, involving all the participants and to generate specific benefits from the results. Based on my experience I choose from the well-proven and established methods like ‘Open Space Technology’, ‘World Café’, ‘Systemic Organizational and Structural Constellation Work’ and others.

Shall we meet?

I would be glad to take some time for an interesting initial meeting. Feel free to contact me – you have to act to know!